Hello Team,

I got a chance to play the role of TL/Manager. And I want to take One O One meeting and I know the team loophole.

But I can’t understand how to start and where so I’m a new in this management area. So please help me in this case.

I hope you understand what I want and you all giving me superb replay. I’m waiting for replay.

In a simple word called "Team Improvement Plan" 

FYI:- I seen this link as well…

Thanks in advance.




Rahul Patil.



Working GMT- IST.

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Do start with the Manager Tool Basics. If you start with the podcast series Rolling Out The Trinity  It will let you know how the whole thing fits together. Start with O3s to get to know your team. Start them as soon as you have listened to the O3 podcasts. 


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Have you started with the basics of Manager tools? How are you moving ahead with these? Can you provide us with some tutorials?

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