Hi there,

I'm a Casino Surveillance manager and business student from Vancouver, Canada.

I've had my position for four months now and was lucky enough to find MT shortly before my promotion. As a first-time manager I've found countless gems in the podcasts, especially ones related to the move from individual contributor to manager.

As many young managers do, I came into the position with a pile of new ideas that I was eager to implement immediately. In retrospect, I somewhat arrogantly believed that I could make immediate drastic improvements to the department.

I (and my directs) owe a massive debt of gratitude to M&M as well as the forum posters for unwittingly guiding me through my transition and helping me to move like a glacier, thereby affecting effective and sustainable growth.

I am now extremely optimistic about the future and can't wait to see what challenges the next week brings as well as the recommendations the next podcast offers.

I look forward to picking your brains and offering whatever insights I have on this forum.

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Welcome to the forums!

"...unwittingly guiding me..."? and I thought we were full of wit!

John Hack