I'm in my first managerial role, managing a team of 5. 

On my second week my Manager informed me that one of my employees had a problem with me, she didn't want to be managed by someone younger than her. He informed me that she sends him regular emails telling him how I cannot do my job and that she refuses to be managed by me. All the while, she has been very welcoming, friendly and supportive to my face, so I was completely unaware of any of this. She also informed my manager that the rest of the team didn't like me.

My manager informed me that during a meeting I was in he met with the other members of my team and asked them about this, to which they all denied her accusations. Firstly, I'm glad that there isn't a problem here, but I find it completely unprofessional and inappropriate to have a meeting with my team to discuss if they have an issue with me when he hasn't even discussed this with me!

He advised me to organise a 1:1 with the employee to resolve any issues, I did and it seems that she was more frustrated that senior management were listening to my ideas and not hers, which she had raised previously. I explained to her that I understand her frustrations and said that she is welcome to inform me of any recommendations and if appropriate I can support her in proposing these to senior management.

Since this 1:1, my manager has received regular texts and emails from my employee which he doesn't include me in, but he does have a moan because he wants to go down the disciplinary route. I asked him to send all emails to me and advise her to contact me. He hasn't done this, and he's now decided he doesn't want to go down the disciplinary route. He also had a 1:1 with her that he didn't invite me to or inform me about. 

Can anyone advise me on what to do? I have an idea but I wanted some advise to check if I'm on the right lines.

Thanks in advance. 

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