This cast describes how to work with a boss who repeatedly skips over a manager and works directly with your directs (his or her "skips").

We hear from managers all the time who tell us they, "work for a micromanager". We almost always demur. When we ask, "okay, what does this micromanager DO?" we're told that "he goes around me and talks directly to my directs. He totally undermines what I'm doing with my team, and he doesn't consult me, and I think he's going to fire me."

What do we tell them? Here's what.

  1. There Are All Kinds Of Reasons Why Bosses Do This - Careful of Your Assumptions
  2. Don't Tell Your Boss Not To
  3. Start One on Ones
  4. Don't Tell Your Directs To Push Back
  5. Tell Your Directs to Ask If You're Aware
  6. Tell Your Directs To Inform You
  7. Close The Loop With Your Boss And Start Reporting

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Why would my boss skip me?
  • Should I tell my directs to push back?
  • How should I deal with my boss?

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