Hello - MSN is used at my work. A lot of people, of course use it just for chatting with one another, but it can sometimes be useful for flagging up to someone's screen for an instant hit/ response.


However, I worry that I use it too much and that it might encourage the wrong sort of communication.

Does anyone have a view on this? Is it better, sometimes, to be a bit more remote as a manager or is instant communication a good thing?

I'd be very interested in your advice.


Many thanks...

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I thnk that IM can be used very strategically and I use it with my team, although I know that there will be small amout of abuse where it's used for personal purposes, I can live with a bit of that.

75% of my team is remote so I use this to ping them when I need them. and sometimes keep them on their toes a bit (-:

I do like to use it with my newer people in terms of training and coaching where I can listen in to them on the phone and then give them targeted feedback on how to direct a call, especially when there are a lot of people on the phone for a large con call.

So I know the ability for abuse is there, but if you are willing to overlook that a bit - my company tracks all IM's within our network, and the all know that, you can even bluff that one too and it works - it can be a good tool if used correctly.