I'm a VP/SVP level guy in the interactive marketing field and my focus is creative.  I've noticed in LinkedIn that a lot of Sr. level resumes are omitting information that you'd see in a typical resume.  A lot simply have Company Name, Title and that's it.  As opposed to then listing out job responsibilities per job.

I'm actively searching for a new opportunity and wondering if being a bit more mysterious a plus? I would think that a potential hiring manager would want to know what someone has done at their previous jobs.

Would love your point of view!



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Hi Rich,

Welcome to the forums again.  In my view, "being mysterious" is NOT advantageous...why make someone work to learn more about your background?

There are a number of MT/CT casts offering guidance on how resumes and LinkedIn profiles are different:

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It is impossible to know why people do what they do.  For all you know they are just too busy or lazy to give more details. It is also possible that their network consists of every top level specialist in their industry and posting data is moot. Go for enough detail to make it clear. 

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I've listened to dozens of podcasts in the car, but new to the site.  
Thanks for this!