Our unit is interviewing a new clerical support position - my co-manager and I see a staff member's helpfulness to be a key aspect of their work in supporting their direct and also team members during times of work pressure. 

This helpfulness is reflected not only in a general attitude and 'work ethic' but can be seen in the scope, comprehensiveness and outputs from their work.

Does anyone have any hints, tips, tools, scenarios etc about how we can assess helpfulness at interview? We want to really assess it well interview....


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Tell me about a time when you went out of your way to help someone else to succeed.  

Probe te answer for motivation and thought process.  Could they have done more?  Did anything of their own get sacrificed?  How did they make the decision to help and how much?


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Ask their referees

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I would guess that the MT Interview creation tool could help address this particular skill, trait, & characteristic...I haven't had the opportunity to use it myself, yet. So I could be wrong. I also don't disagree with Kev's suggestions.