Hey Guys, I am new to the Manager tools community (new manager as well).  However I already have an open position I need to fill and would like some guidance on interview questions.  I have listened to all the casts and am very interested in the Interview Creation tool.  Has that been released?  Where can I find it?

Love the show, I have hours of your audio on my ipod and it really helps the hour drive each morning.

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I've been excited about this since it was mentioned in my MT conference a year ago in Newark.  It's probably the principal reason (but not only reason, of course), that I keep a premium membership.  I'm also curious what happened/is happening to it.  Thanks!



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The interview creation tool has not been launched yet!

I have listed below other tools on the site that I have found helpful in improving my interviewing skills. See below

 Another tool I have found helpful is the Interview Series, although I think you have to pay for it separately. It is tailored for candidates looking to get a job, however you can flip the perspective and get good insights and best practices from it.

There are many other tools on the site, but the above have worked with me since i have deliberately tried to apply the guidance.

Hopefully other forum members can provide guidance as well.




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This tool sounds very useful.  Any update on when it may become available?



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...we are mum.  We did poorly announcing some stuff years ago and then didn't deliver, because we had to get some income to keep the doors open.

But we are working diligently on it.

More soon.


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Thanks for the feedback Mark.  This is the type of tool that I'm willing to pay for, even though I am a premium member.  Looking forward to seeing it in action.


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Wow. That is all I can say after playing with the tool. This tool will take me from an average interviewer (at best) to an effective manager who hires the best staff.


Hearing Mark and Mike talk it up on the casts, I admit, I was skeptical. Having seen it now, my hats off to you guys.


Another reason why I am a licenced user.


Thankyou Mark and Mike.



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Here we are thinking we're terrible marketers, and there's still skepticism.  We meant every word of our comments - I've used it for years.  Pretty sweet.

All - let us know what you think.

Glad it will help!


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Mark and Mike

Congratulations on the ICT launch.  I have already been inside and played around with the tool to generate some interviews.  AMAZING.  You guys have done, and continue to do so much for Managers out there.  Thanks a million.  Great work.

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This is an amazing tool- thank you so much!  

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Manager-Tools team,

Thanks for the great tool.  I generated an interview today.  It has some additional questions than the one I had developed on my own, and I know it will be useful.

Now that you are in the software application business, where would you like bugs reported?  I found one major one and other little ones.  The one major one is interview generation may not work on all browsers or versions of Adobe Reader correctly.  I am using Firefox 5.0 with Adobe Reader 10.1.  What happens is instead of the generated interview coming up in a tab or new window, Firefox prompts to save the interview as a file.  It does this because the file has no extension, even though when hovering over the generate button it looks like it will have a pdf extension.  The file can then be saved with no extension.  I needed to rename the file to have a pdf extension before I could open it.  Once I opened the file, the file looked fine.



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Clearly, we'll need to be more clear on the application itself, but bugs/support issues can be sent to [email protected]. This way the issues will be logged into our bug/issue tracking system automatically. No need to submit this one though ... I have it.

I'll have someone look into the issue you identified .. thanks for bringing it to our attention!


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Great  Job Gentlemen!  

Yet another fantastic reason why Manager Tools  Is the Best resource for all things management!!!

I have created  one interview so far.  There was a few new questions  that I will add to  current interview standard.

Well Done!


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The issue you identified with the documents being generated without the .pdf extension has been corrected.

Thanks again for letting us know about the issue.


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We'll your marketing worked :-) I signed up to premium content for the first time.

Thanks for developing this great tool. I really enjoyed using it and found the process of behavioural analysis very insightful.

Just to provide some feedback on the first interview I created with it...

It created the toughest interview I have ever prepared (which is fine) however I had to do quite a bit of editing to make it fit my organisational template. For example, I needed to insert my own organisation logos, I had to adjust the wording slightly in a couple of questions to fit a government rather than company model. Perhaps you could have the option of the interview being provided in a WORD *.doc format?

That said I will certainly be coming back to this tool in the future.

Also, as this is my first post on the boards, I would like to thank you both for this wonderful service of Manager Tools podcasts. They have helped me mature greatly as a manager, and provided a sense of purpose and confidence in my management approach. You are two very wise and generous people and it is a pleasure to listen to your discussions. I hope to be able to thank you in person when you come to Sydney in November.

Chris Dewhurst

Sydney, Australia

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Absolutely love it, I've used a structured approach for a long time, but my Management Team need some help with their interviewing so i think they'll all be signing up for premium content!



DISC: 7511

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Great tool!  You make it easy to create the behavioral questions it used to take me hours to assemble.  THANKS!

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I can't wait to use the tool if my company ever starts hiring again.

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I was a people manager until recently so I'm looking forward to having this tool as a hiring manager in the future, but does anyone see value in a candidate using the tool as well?  I'm on the "other side" of the table currently and it seems this tool might help to highlight what messages I would hope to communicate.  Even if the interviewer doesn't use the tool, and in some cases may not even ask productive questions, almost everyone eventually asks questions that allow the candidate to share accomplishments.  Without "redirecting" or evading the question, of course, maybe this tool could help the candidate to focus on the most helpful examples to share.

Seems the goal is to get the interviewer to picture you in the role, and I'm sure many of us have done interviews where we later reflected back on the candidate's answers and some factor they weren't specifically asked about becomes a huge selling point because it's right in line with that mental picture.


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I am about to create a new interview in the ICT, but I would like to base it on an existing interview.  The position name is changed and the custom questions will change, but I would like the behavior part to be the same.

I suppose I could edit the position details and the custom questions, as I have the original PDF from the first interview.  I was hoping for a copy feature so I could save both interviews.

Any other suggestions?


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As it turned out, I created a new interview anyway, since the behavior requirements did turn out to be different even for a very similar job.

It still would be nice to have a copy feature though.

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We're unlikely to allow several things similar to what you wanted in the interview creation tool.  We broadly call them "cloning" and we simply believe each job is unique, and/or that jobs change over time, and/or that the manager's ability to think about the job changes over time.

And, glad you did what you did.


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I found the ICT method provided good questions, though often I want to ask about specific topics with candidates relative to our industry and the role. I would find value in the ability to 'customize' the questions ICT generates afterwards. 

Is it possible to get an editable soft copy of the output of the interviews, so that we can adjust them?