Having attended a recent MT effective managment conference in London I am completely committed to the role of feedback (and one on ones for that matter!) I have recently started in a new role (4months ago) and hold weekly one on ones with all my directs (as do my staff). I haven't used feedback to date and introduced it using the slides at a team meeting today. The presentation went very well and I was praised by a number of staff (no specific behaviour feedback unfortunately - hopefully it will come!!) The session included 60minutes of practice in small groups and for next steps I have asked all of my directs to practice the model with their staff - giving nothig but POSITIVE feedback for the next 6-8weeks.

A slight concern is the pushback I got from a particular member of my team who (and here's the behaviours shown in the meeting) sighed, didn't smile, looked down at the table, said in a small working group that the model was about "bullshitting" to staff, and questioned the model saying people don't want to hear regular feedback as its overkill (NB These types of behaviour are commonplace with this direct). Given that I have just said we will give nothing but positive feedback for the next 4-6weeks do I let this go and find positives to feedback on?!

Any help and advice would be greatly received!

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Have you listened to the "rolling out the trinity" podcasts?

You shouldn't expect your directs to be giving feedback until you've been giving them feedback for some time.   And this situation is one reason for that rule:  you need to give your direct adjusting feedback, and you're not far enough along to do so effectively.  

If I've misunderstood, apologies.  If this direct is simply grumbling about receiving feedback, you can ignore it for now.  Give him positive feedback for the things he does well, and you can work on the other stuff later.  Remember, you don't have to give feedback on everything right away...some behaviors are more important, and others can wait. 

Finally, you should check out the DiSC model if you've not done so.  It will help you with this direct.  

John Hack