Our CIO is visiting in a few days and her assistant has already scheduled an hour to speak to our team. We're a bunch of high S and High Cs while the CIO, well i dont have any clue. I dont wanna waste time nor cut the meeting short because no one else has any topic to discuss.

Any tips or Is there a cast that discusses this situation?


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 Meeting a Senior Executive

This is a cast I find myself referring to a lot - check it out!

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 Aren't you getting a little too wrapped up in the behavioral model? Being aware of the behavior traits is great and can improve communication, but worrying about not knowing someone's letter designation seems to me off the track a bit.

The CIO called  a meeting and set the duration. It's the CIO's responsibility to fill the hour with worthwhile activity. Worrying it will be a waste of time or that there will be a bunch of dead air seems to me like a negative response to a call for a meeting. I'd recommend trying to keep a positive attitude because your directs will pick up on it one way or the other.