Meeting A Senior Executive

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I prepare to meet someone senior?
  • What kind of things do I need to be prepared to talk about?
  • What do I do if it goes wrong?

This cast helps you deal with meeting a member of the business who is two or more levels above you in the organization hierarchy.

One of the recommendations we make in Manager Tools is that every manager who has managers below them needs to periodically have a 'skip meeting'. That means she meets with not her directs, but their directs. That's all very well and beneficial for the manager, but it can be intimidating directs' directs. If you find yourself in that position, what can you do to give a good impression and not embarrass yourself?

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Just wanted to share an anecdote about Mark and Mike's level of dress comments:

I recently took over a business casual team down in Atlanta where the level of dress ranges from polo shirts and khakis to dress shirt and slacks.  I came down wearing a suit & tie and immediately some people started elevating dress.  Of course, I myself was schooled working overseas in London when I showed up with a suit and open collar shirt (believing I was a formal Canuck) and I found the mail room chap sorting mail while sitting at his desk in a dark suit, white shirt and dark tie every single day.


Approach for Dealing with the Negative

The advice states "Don't say anything negative about anyone or anything"

The advice seems to be a bit contradictory. How do you address RED proejcts if you shoudln't talk about the negative?

What approach should be taken when the Executive is looking for feedback on what can be inproved and what is casuing problems?

Why wouldn't you say anything negative? That doesn't feel transparent and ultimately inhibits the Executive from being able to help is the message from below is "Everything is just great! ... even when its not"


I just listened through this

I just listened through this once, but I think they were advising us not to say anything negative that your boss doesn't already know and not to throw anyone under the bus. I'd like to hear more about this too, if anyone is reading this.


Tip: Just be yourself but

Tip: Just be yourself but extend a little bit of respect for his position. Remember, first impressions lasts. - <A HREF="">Steven C. Wyer</A>


Thank you for this cast.  I

Thank you for this cast.  I just had lunch with a senior executive three levels up from me. I used this cast to prepare and it was extremely helpful.