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It seems as though most of the guidance on Manager Tools is geared toward high D managers, likely because managers tend to have achieved their position by being high D. Mark, Mike, and the other hosts talk about the need to build relationships and trust, to temper your role power, etc. Being a conflict averse high S (and high C), I feel like I have the opposite problem. Is there guidance on how and when to exert role power? Is that something that can be practiced? With many of my directs having longer work experience than me, I get the sense they are trying to see how much they can get away with or at least don't have the fear of losing their position on my team.


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I can relate to your concerns. I struggle with this as well.

You have to know that it does not matter if you feel like you are flexing "Role Power" --- you are already doing it.
You already have the sign over your head. The question is how you can do it more effectively.
Since you may be a High S - you have an advantage to forming stronger "Relationship Power" - which M-T thinks is actually more powerful.
Your High C tendency will help you develop higher "Expertise Power" - but you would need to keep in mind that it takes lots more focus and time to create this kind of power. You may not have the time for that right now.

I'm not sure how many of the MT Podcasts you have heard.
They can be used by any of the DISC profiles.

SO I would also recommend that you listen to :

DownFall Casts

You may listen for the the Podcasts that are called "Downfall"

Here is a hot link :[0]=bundle%3A...


The "Welcome to They" Podcasts :

As a High C or High S you would want to be conscientious for your employer and be a good manager.

Good Luck


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Thanks very much for taking the time to comment, TJPuccio! I'll check out those podcasts. I'm in a matrixed organization, with contractors, and just recently I've had a couple folks leave so I'm working a retention problem, too. Lots to try to muddle through...