I'm looking for  guidance here. I've followed the guidance on First Day conversations with new hires, level setting with expectations and  so forth.  

I'm taking a job with a new organization and will be managing team that already exists, though the manager position is new.  I'm torn about how to put out the information from my "First Day' conversations to 6 or 8 or 10 directs.  

Subject to your input, I am planning on having an "all staff" meeting to introduce myself briefly and then conduct individual "getting to know you" with my new directs. 

Do I: 

A - cover the material in a meeting with the full staff all at once? In the introduction meeting or at  a separate one? 

B - cover the material in my getting to know you with each direct or in a 2nd meeting with each direct?  

My thinking right now is: 

Staff Introduction 

Getting to know you with directs 

Staff meeting in week 2 to go over the First Day Direct items 






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I'm glad you posted this as I'm in the same boat. Interested in seeing the responces from veteran MTers.


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My overnight, back-brain thoughts on this are moving in the direction of spending 30 minutes on these items in my first few weeks of staff meetings. That way I can also frame it well as general principles and not a passive-agressive swipe at anyone in particular based on things I might have heard. And everyone gets the same message. But I'm still open to other thoughts. 

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Hi Lisa-

I think you’re on the right track, though I would caution you to go slowly. Have you listened to our cast "The First Rule for New Mangers"? I have pasted the link below. This cast covers how to start a role when you’re new to a team. Our first bit of guidance is "fit in." In that context, we don’t recommend that you change the existing staff meeting right away, but start One on Ones immediately. This way you can gather perspective and invest in the team. By meeting weekly with each individual, you can understand the culture and how to best make changes over time. The more you know the team, the more likely you are to make smart changes based on all the data.

I might suggest two things: keep the existing staff meeting, and start One on Ones right away. Use the One on Ones to gather the data you’re looking for, but only if they are willing to offer it. At first, they might be leery of sharing. Use your first few staff meetings to introduce yourself and maybe let another team member run it to understand how things have been working previously. Then, use an agenda item in the staff meeting to discuss your issues or concerns. After a few weeks, if you want to have a general discussion in the staff meeting, that might be helpful. It often takes time to make changes in an existing team but the best basis for that change is relationships through One on Ones.

I hope this helps,


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Thanks for the thoughts.  

I have a 1:1 with my boss tomorrow and I'll see what the status quo is regarding staff meetings and 1:1 for the team.  AFAIK, he's been acting as the manager for the team since the departmentss origination/organization about a year ago, and now they are bringing in my position to report to him and be manager for the team. I'm not sure yet what he has in mind for turn-over.