I have just been appointed as the MD of this company in the UK that is the largest  subsidiary within a larger group of companies. The company is underperforming when it comes to delivery of customer service. There are weaknessess in the capabilities of a number of key middle managers. There has been historic antagonism between the company I now lead and the Group support functions.

My plan is to develop a new vision with employees and improve the operational  performance of the company or it will not survive in a harsher climate.

Following your recent cast on Change leadership how should I initiate the change effort?




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You must establish yourself as an effective manager of your team, and you need your new team to become more effective at serving their internal customers.  

As for the first, there are several good resources, including the book "The First 90 Days" and the Manager Tools basics podcasts.  One on ones, feedback and coaching put you in a position to know your team, what they are capable of, how they work, and what they've done right.  You have to build their trust, so that they'll "carry your water."  And you'll know their style, so your communication with them will be most effective. 

The "basics" are the powerful foundation for this effort.

As for the service side, and formulating the change plan, I highly recommend the podcast: 

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I recommend the book. "The First 90 Days" has helped me as a leader approach change management from different perspectives. Taking a step back and developing a broader change strategy has made an immense difference. The book helped me structure my leadership approach for effective change management.

Change is hard. "The First 90 Days" coupled with Kotter's "Leading Change" helps you take a big picture approach to leadership challenges as they relate to change.