BLUF: I'm looking for alternative ways for giving feedback while I'm still in the early stages of the Trinity.

I've started rolling out the Trinity and have started O3's this week. I know Mark says that if you need to give feeback before it's time, do it the way you usually would. The problem is I usually would use the model and say "Can I give you some feedback? ..." or "Hey can I tell you something? ..." etc... 

I've recently started a new job and inherited an existing team. I really want to give feedback, but we've only just begun O3's. I have started to use "What do you think?" and "I trust your judgement" with some of my high C's, which has worked well in most cases.

I'm still struggling with what to do with the folks who have not demonstrated good judgement until I can build enough of a relationship with them to coach them, etc... effectively. That being said I'm looking forward to the challenge. I think I have a good team, they just have not had good management or guidance in a very long time, so there is a lot of work for me to do here. 

Any suggestions for ways of giving feeback before it's time would be much appreciated.

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Have you looked at the "Feedback before it's time" casts? You could use the "Starter Feedback Model" as a basic format until you're ready for the roll-out.

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Thanks Gehrhorn. The Feedback before it's time casts were exactly what I was looking for. Lot's of helpful reminders that the purpose is to improve future behavior and how/what to say until I can rollout the feedback model.