BLUFF:  I have been asked to complete a compensation summary for a role I'm intervieiwing for.  My current salary is significantly lower than the start point already mentioned.  I'm fairly certain I need to be upfront on my current salary, but I'm concerned about hurting my future salary.


I'm currently interviewing for a role outside my current company.  The role is with a company that's ~4x in sales and size of my current employer.  It's a similar role, just a larger company.

During the initiall stages of interviews, the recruiter mentioned a starting salary 65% more than my current.  I've been asked to complete a compensation survey detailing my current pay, bonus structure, benefits, ect.

I'm concerned putting my current salary will give them a chance to come in much lower.  I'd feel confident pushing back the base was already set at 165% of my current and that's the floor we need to work from.  I know the guidance is be upfront with where your pay is when asked in this format.  

I'm not really looking for a job, so if I pass on this it won't put me in a tough position.  By the same token, it's a great company and I'd be excited to work there.

I'd appreciate any feedback on how to respond and making sure I can get the best value if it comes to an offer.

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... and realize that you get to negotiate when the offer comes around.  Demonstrate in your interviews that you're capable and effective in that role, and worth that intended higher salary.

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Its Your Choice to disclose this information. There are lots of reasons not to disclose this information such as a none disclosure agreement, and many more. The prevaling guidance is to offer a range in what you want for your salary. I would say something to the effect of, "I have signed a NDA which I believe covers part of what you are asking, and cannot comment. My desired compensation range is the following: $Low - $High." If they ask you again, its been my experiance they do not want you, rather they want your knowledge, and are waisting your time while they are profiting from your expense (it is personal).

For what its worth its been my experiance the company you are interviewing with will start negotiating at the lower amount, and it will take you years to raise to the higher amount (personal experiance).

Below are two examples of great advice, and a series on Negotiations.