Hello, I am a US Navy pilot who has served for the last 22 years and will retire next year.  As I update my resume, I am having difficulty keeping it to one page considering that I have been assigned to 13 different duty stations during this time.  In weighting my resume to the most recent jobs (squadron command and Strategy/Plans Director for a fleet) I have two questions regarding truncating previous assingments:

1.  After graduating from the Naval Academy I attended flight school in muliple locations for roughly three years before reaching my first operational squadron. Can I list this as a single line "May 98 - Jan 01:  Student Pilot,various locations" with a single sentence description or do the locations need to be broken out? The examle resume in "Your Resume Stinks" (thankfully a remarkaby similiar career path) doesn't address the time from undergraduate degree to first tour.  Could this lead to the question "what were you doing for three years after college?"

2.  Similiar to the above, I spent a year in residence at the Naval War College halfway though my career. Do I include this in the chronology or will simply listing it at the bottom of the resume preclude perceptions of a 1.5 year gap in emloyment.

Thank you for your incredible service, you have been making me a better manager since 2006.


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Hello, and Thank you for your service.


To answer your questions:

1. For a one page resume try to keep it all within a paragraph, and this case within one line.

2. If you were still a commissioned officer during this time you were still part of the military, and I would include it for your time in service.


Personally I have two different kinds of resumes:

1. A one page resume that lists relevant high lights.

This is a mass market resume, and when I am contacted I follow up with my CV.

2. CV which lists all of my accomplishments

This is for a manager positions and shows how special I am.


The stratgy for use on these resumes are covered in a book (Rites of Passage) and in podcasts.


Wait there is a podcast on this too!

1. John Lucht interview part 1 of 3