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Just took the Effective manager and communicator training.  Wanted to get some thoughts as I'm working through using the Work Management Spreadsheet and starting to more effectively track tasks for my team.  A large part of my team is my boss whereby we perform work on a project and then he has to go to a board to present on it.  If I'm making a project plan/schedule of tasks with due dates, how do I approach tasks that I rely on my boss to perform?  Do I assign him the task like I would a direct (assuming not), do I take ownership of the task (e.g. Check with boss to find out result of the board meeting)?  Or other?  Appreciate any insight/thoughts!

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Your approach on this topic definitely relies on if your boss will be reporting into the spreadsheet. If the spreadsheet is for you and your team to report in and your boss will not be reporting in then you should own the task to find out the information. If you are working together with your boss to create a spreadsheet and they are on board with also reporting in then clarifying what tasks he is responsible for would be reasonable. The "assigning" tasks would have to be collaborative in this case. You are correct in the fact that you cannot assign work to your boss. I hope this is helpful.