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What is the best way to do O3s in an open office with no individual offices? 

I run a small business in a fairly small space (1000 sq ft) with no dividing walls. I'm worried about other employees listening in to our conversations or employees not opening as much because they are worried another employee will hear them. 

Any sugguestions on where to do O3s in this situation? 

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... even when there's individual offices and other closable doors.

I've been involved in each of these as successful O3 venues:  nearby coffee shop;  our reception lobby;  nearby hotel's reception lobby;  walking outside;  lunching at the local park;  lunching at nearby restaurant;  sitting in the car (moving and/or still);  library community room;  my own living room.  If I didn't have (past) allergies to alcohols and tobacco smoke, I'm certain local bars and cigar clubs would have made it onto this list too!

Clearly your own palette of spaces is (probably) far less varied, but I suspect you'll find/create something that would serve.