great podcast as usual.

A brainstorming session is not a 'decision taking' session.

The goal is to 'just' stack as many ideas you can ... and then??

It'd be probably a good idea to have a podcast with some practical tecniques (in the pure MT approach) on how to sort all these ideas out toward a solution.


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Completely agree with you on this. We just wanted to get the basics out there... there are at least two more casts on this topic coming!


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:) ... I knew it! Just wanted to send a little stimulation !


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[quote]The goal is to 'just' stack as many ideas you can ... and then??[/quote]

How funny! :lol: I was thinking the same thing as I finished up part 2! I guess my "high D" is showing. I've never been very successful leading brainstorming sessions but I really liked the tip of asking folks to think ahead, jot down their ideas and either bring them to the meeting or send them via e-mail ahead of time. I work with a lot of programmers and analysts and they tend to be more on the "C" side of things. Not big on sharing ideas off the tops of their heads or being spontaneous. I'm going to definitely try your tips at my next session.

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please help us prioritising or we will drown.


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The cast Simple Facilitation - Choosing a Plan gives follow-up steps.

Adding this to a very old discussion because it took me so long to find this cast again. (Mark appears to like the word "brainstorming.") Maybe someone else will find the reference useful.