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This cast is so timely! I had put off feedback as I looked at the challenges from all angles. I just rolled out feedback yesterday and this cast was a soothing balm to know I had looked at things correctly. 

I use sticky notes too! I have also considered writing feedback to serve as documentation, at least for underperforming directs. Glad to hear that is not the best approach.

I have decided to use Slack to request a verbal interaction, then we use the huddle feature of Slack to do it."Hey, can we do a quick huddle?" Once we are both in the huddle, then I will ask "Can I give you some feedback?" I included this in my roll out discussion yesterday so they would know it will always be verbal and likely via huddle.

Thank you all so much for your amazing content and reviews of articles. It makes doing this manager thing much less intimidating and lonelyl Can't wait for Part 2 of Giving Feedback to Remote Directs!

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Thanks for the heads-up for this cast!  This is also something I have struggled with since 2 of my direct reports are in another city.

I see that the episode is in my play list--I'll be listening very soon!