All of the folks I'm interviewing are remote (interviewing me from home). Would it still be appropriate for me to send them an hand-written note to their house to follow-up? Is that taking it too far? How might I find their home address?

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Yes, that's taking it too far. If I got a followup letter from an applicant at my home address, I'd be angry and frightened. How the heck did this person get my home address? Why is this person stalking me? That's over the top intrusive.

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Thanks, Lemerson. I needed to hear this. I supposed I just send a thank you email instead eh.

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I think in times past it might have been appropriate to contact people at their home address because phone books were akin to community listings with phone numbers and addresses. It was effortless to find that information. Nowadays you have to do some digging to find information not readily available.

One of the more impressive responses I had from an applicant was an envelope mailed to me at the company with a fancified copy of their resume in a quality folder, along with a nice letter thanking me for taking the time to speak with them. I think you could get the same effect sending to the business address. If you do that, drop it in the mail as soon as possible after the interview. That will get it to them in a couple days.