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Hello wise MT community!  I need your suggestions on what steps I could take to help 'lift' a team that is having a particularly rough time.  Recently a skip report experienced a medical event at work and passed away that evening.   It was a very distressing experience for those who were present and in addition, a very sad and unexpected loss for the wider team and the organisation.  This team member had worked here for a very long time. My direct report who leads this team has been amazing and has done a brilliant job at looking after his team on the pastoral level.  We've arranged group and individual therapy  for those who has wanted it.  But a number of the wider team remain fragile and my direct reports are 'just not quite right'.  On top of it all, we are busy, crazy busy...and of course we have an outbreak of COVID.  Help!  Suggestions please!

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Wow, this sounds very similar to an event we just went through.

Things like this just take time for people to work through.  Be supportive and understanding.  Different people have different needs, and some will take longer than others to "feel right" again.

I don't have any other suggestions on top of what you are already doing and providing for your staff.