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I would like your input on how to get more cooperation from a colleague with a project.

Situation; My boss asked me to lead a project in collaboration with another department in december to be delivered in January.

Problem; One of the team member who reports to the other department encountered few difficulties with the supplier and informed us.  However, since January, she is slow in responding and reports + do not cooperate to get into the deadline.  I spoke to my boss about that after many tentative to get her cooperation.  My boss sent her an email and offer is assistance if needed but still, nothing is coming from her.  Since I do not have the "role power" and dont know her very well + these days most of our interaction is done via teams... it's kind of hard to get someone's cooperation.  What would you suggest?



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If it's a two-month-over-the-holidays project, I'm assuming it's super-urgent for your department, but probably not hers. I don't know what your communication style is, but if it is too far to either the "nice" or "prickly" side, you probably won't get much traction. Does she know why you need it, who it affects, and what the relationship is to the bottom line? Will people down the line be stopped from doing work, and how much does that cost? After it's gone back and forth in email this long, your best bet at communicating this would be an actual meeting. 

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Hi Barbarasati,


After reading your message it was clear to me to call a meeting with the team including the people concerned.  I proposed an agenda where she and her boss has to provide the team with a follow up and suggest to find solution to assist her with of course a "deadline" she respond with "tentative" to attend.  Crossing my fingers it will happen and we can solve this issue!  Thanks for the input!  Sophie 


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I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes. 

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Even though she's not your direct, this might be a good situation to schedule weekly one-on-ones. That might help keep her focused and on track instead of floating off into oblivion.

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Hi Lemerson,

It's a great idea and didn't think about it.  After the meeting I have scheduled next week with her and the team concerned, I'll follow up weekly with her!  Thanks for this great suggestion!  Sophie 

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For what it’s worth I am dealing with something similar at my job. After a few good conversations this individual is still not collaborating, and claiming he is confused. Instead of doing the same thing and expecting a different response I went around him to chat with the right people in a documented format, and got what I needed. His other programs can fail, but not the ones I am on.

The idea is to assign this person some kind of task you or your team can cover then succeed as a team. Your personal successful string of projects should be more powerful than this person’s series of failures.