Hi all,

I recently got a new executive position and am super thrilled, but also nervous. The position is at least two "levels" above my previous position, is with a new company, and comes with a few direct reports (I didn't have any previously). I am worried I may be missing a lot of the "basics" most Execs get a chance to develop over the years because I've "skipped" several levels.

I've been contemplating purchasing the license to listen to Executive Tools but see it's still relatively new and not a lot of casts. Would appreciate anyone's feedback on the casts so far, or if other Manager Tools casts would be just as great too. Already got all the "politics" ones and "new manager" ones on my list!


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I've really enjoyed the Executive Tools episodes so far.  Like Mark and Mike and the Manager Tools staff intend, I find it well worth the license cost just for those episodes alone.  And I'm "just" leading a micro-business of two full-time consultants right now.

Recommendation:  pay for a Manager Tools license out of your training budget, for yourself.  Also consider getting a coach to augment any mentors you have access to (paid from that same budget).  You're going to need all the support you can to make this transition.  Check the local Small Business Administration office (via your local Chambers of Commerce) for their SCORE folks -- Service Corps of Retired Executives -- for even more prospects.  Your local Toastmasters clubs are another highly-recommended network to work through, as are Rotary and other civic-minded collections of clubs.

The most recent two episodes of Executive Tools talk directly about the qualitative shift into executive life.  Previous two: guidance on being an effective executive.  Previous three: the purpose of the organization, and thus what your purpose has to be as an executive. Previous (and first) three:  the "executive waypoint", a coherent approach to setting strategy for yourself and your portion of the organization.

All these will help with the mental and emotional shifts and growth you'll need to fill this role your organization demands of you.  Keep your spouse and loved ones "in the loop" on your emotions and energy.  You're going to be absorbing and re-absorbing a *lot* of data, a *lot* of material, a *lot* of recommendations and collected experiences, and a *lot* of ego-bruising "learning opportunities" to go with the joys of helping to grow others and to lead an organization.

If one of your directs is an executive assistant, set up to work with them from the start.  If you don't, or don't yet, or want the extra practice, gather a "virtual assistant" and pay out-of-pocket to get started if you must.  On the navigation bar above, click  "Podcasts" then "Map of the Universe" then search for "Managing Your Admin" then click its blue box for the relevant Manager Tools podcast.

For me at least, as a licensee, the "Map of the Universe" also shows Executive Tools podcasts, which show up under "Executive Management".  Get a license so you can absorb the show-notes from those podcasts!  Show-notes aren't anywhere near as much fun as listening to the podcasts, yet they provide very dense hunks of value.

Other items you might pay for out of your self-training budget:  a few select books on management, such as Drucker's "The Effective Executive";  Manager Tools manager trainings (which I enjoyed, and apply continually);  focused short-term coaching on such things as presentation and communications.