I have a weird situation. I am an SFA with a CPA working in the finance department doing FP&A. I was tasked by the CFO to hire someone to help the sales department with reporting. Normally this is done by the sales department but there was a situation so I was tagged to help. I hired the person using MT methods (extreme bias towards avoiding a bad hire) and everyone thinks I made a great hire. I am rolling out the trinity using road map etc. all good there. It's weird because I am still working in finance, I have no desire to go to the sales team beause I am very happy in finance and the CFO wants to retain me there. I asked about getting my title changed to a manager title and was told no. Now they want me to hire and manage another employee for something else that isn't directly related to finance (more of an IT/Admin Jr role). This is a big company (~1,000 heads), I feel like I should be getting at least a manager title because I am doing all of my IC work + new management work for stuff that isn't even in my normal business domain. I can't find a specific cast about this but I am assuming a positive intent, doing the best I can to grant these favours and doing what management feels is best for the org. Any other advice? My manager just says it's a weird awkward situation and the CFO told me not to sweat it.  

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In my experience if you do more than you get paid for in time you'll get paid more for what you do. In most circumstances I would agree with your CFO. They'll make it right in time.

If not, don't by any means give feedback. There is a cast for asking for a raise, you can take that route, the other option is start looking for another job and there are a ton of casts for that.