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Question for the group: For your O3's with YOUR boss, do you bring your "O3 Notebook" or your "Go-to-Meeting Notebook"? Just wondering what others do.

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I bring my O3 notebook.  I have a section in there for my O3s with me boss.


I find that it is much easier to do my quarterly review when all of my O3 data is in one place instead of having to find that data in my meeting notebook.

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When I've had directs, I've dedicated a notebook or binder for them *in my role as their manager*.  What unifies that collection is that all those relationships are between me and those whom I direct directly.

Yes, I've taken it in when meeting my manager for my O3, but only occasionally and only as a 'work product'.  Anything in the O3 between me and my boss, goes in my general notebook.  I've not needed to split out the notes from my manager's meeting, like I need to split out the notes from my directs' meetings.  Quite often, items from my O3 "upward" provokes many notes on things for staff meetings and for individual "downward" O3s.  Those are separate processing steps for me.