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I am fairly certain there is a podcast in the Manager Tools series that discusses why you should delegate the running of your staff meeting, but my searches for "delegation," "delegate," and "meeting facilitation" are not turning up the one I have in my memory. I realize my memory might be very wrong! But I thought I'd put a question in here to see if anyone might point me in a good direction. 

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It could be the Meeting Leadership series?

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Thanks, Laura! I should re-listen to those cast too -- I think I did listen to some of them just now, but they didn't have what I was remembering. 

After some relistening over the weekend, I found what I was remembering. It's from the Effective Meetings Part 2 (Hall of Fame) cast, timestamp 21:00 - 26:10: "Use a Faciltitator."

It makes sense that it would be fresh in my mind because it was re-broadcast in May 2021 as a lead up to a newer cast on meetings. 

In my re-listening and searching for this information, I happened across an episode about staff meetings in which Mark and Mike say we should not turn over our staff meeting to a direct report to run. Hmmm. That was what I was thinking I would do. In fact, I've done that for years. I was just refreshing my understanding of it because I'm switching which direct report is taking on the facilitator role this summer after the person who has been doing it for a few years was ready for a change. 

It's possible I'm confusing "leadership" and "facilitation" across these two casts, but I'm pretty confident that the guidance about using a meeting facilitator applies for the staff meeting. 

I welcome any discussion :)

As always, thank you to Manager Tools for clear, practical, and actionable guidance.