I just listened to the analyzing your job search - quantity podcast and I have some questions.

  • When they talk about 25-50 leads as a good number, is that counting all applications submitted throughout your search or just the ones that are still "active" (where they haven't told you "no")?
  • For an application submitted with no response positive or negative, at what point do you consider the application to be dead?
  • For an interview conducted with no response positive or negative, at what point do you consider the process to be dead?

For context, I am mid-career. I have applied to 15 companies, mostly in the past 3.5 weeks (but a few earlier). I have done at least one interview with 7 of them, have an official "no interview" notification from 4, and no word yet from 4. Of the 7 that have interviewed me, I have 2 with future interviews planned, 1 "no" (they really wanted me, but the project got deprioritized), and 4 that I'm waiting to hear next steps. Two of the 4 were interviews I haven't heard back from were in the past week, the other two were 2-2.5 weeks ago.


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I never felt "the process" to be dead.  My own process was always alive, and each opportunity had its own process which would simply go dormant from their side.  25-50 leads of places to apply to, as the "top end" of processing a batch of possibilities through the "funnel".  Started a new batch each week.

I submitted applications then let the opportunities lie dormant.  The next stage of the funnel was only those possibilities which sprang back to life by responding to my application.  If I had a human contact there, I'd ping once a week for three weeks only.

Post-interview was also three pings, once a week.  If no response with next steps or next date, I let that go dormant too.  It'd spring back to life, or not.

I felt three once-a-week pings were a decent balance between respect for those processing applications and interviews, and respect for those who hadn't gotten my applications and interviews yet.

Yes, "lots of" dormant stuff.  I never counted dormant items, since my focus was on the actives -- the top end of the funnel for the week, application responders, interviews living in their own particular procedures, offers in hand, offers accepted.