Most of the businesses are greatly affected by the pandemic,especially the small scale. So what are your tips in managing a business during this crisis? 

I would love to hear. 

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Stay flexible.   That's the biggest takeaway I've had.  I'm the person responsible for keeping everyone working from home.  Some people are in the office every day.  Some people work 100% remotely.  Some work remotely intermittently - especially as infection levels rise and fall.  Some people have moved between catagories on very short notice.  For example I had to quarantine after my daughter caught the bug.

Circumstances will shift on a moment's notice.  Be prepared not to be prepared.

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I wanted to share the last portion of an article I have read ( It says that "Believe in your business. Think about what you can give for the people and not just what you can earn. Sacrifices will have to be made because it will provide a greater benefit. You must also stick with people that have the same vision, mission, and dream as you. Work together and learn from each other. You will attain success in the long run."

Those messages are indeed motivating especially to business owners. There is no one outlined-solution that would fit all on how businesses should be managed in this time of Covid19 pandemic. The vision itself will propel the company and its stakeholders to adapt, adopt and adept from very challenging situations. As @NLewis mentioned - stay flexible! 

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That was a good read @Breanna. And I guess a few businesses knew what their vision is all about - and it is not all about money and profit. Businesses that have a clear picture of its vision and mission, know that they have big responsibility to help its employees, partners and to return back to the community. 


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This is nice! A good post maam. Thank you for sharing! I'll take note of this. 

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Interesting post here, thank you.