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BLUF: Should I reschedule a missed interview with the #1 candidate for a job?

I had a 3rd round interview scheduled with a candidate this morning and the candidate no-showed. The position would be an individual contributor and a skip level in my department. The first round was a phone interview with the supervisor, the second round was face-to-face panel interviews with the supervisor and potential peers, and this round was one-on-one with me, via Zoom.

I sent an email asking if he was going to join me and the response indicated was that he misunderstood the time and date of the interview. Reading between the lines, I'm led to believe that he is not technically savy and that written communication is weak. The candidate is #1 because of his previous results and his ability to adapt to and excel in an evolving situation.

Should I reschedule? 

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I think also that you should give this person another chance for the 3rd interview. Turn the situation into a win win. You might never know that this person is a gem to your company.

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What happens if the interviewer is the one who did not show up for the interview? What could be done?