For the first time I am helping interview job candidates. How critical should I be of candidates that my boss worked with before?

I am a project manager, and my boss has asked me (and a few others) to help with group interviews. So far, we have interviewed two people, both applying for Senior Project Manager Positions, and both former co-workers of my boss, who specifically asked each of them to apply. They both have much more experience than I do, and are more qualified than I am. That is appropriate, because they are applying for a position senior to my own.

It is clear that my boss likes both candidates, and the interviews went well. I am sure both would be fine additions to our team. I am concerned that if I highlight much, if any, negatives from the interview I may hurt my relationship with my boss.

Furthermore, because this is my first time interviewing, I expect my opinion will be discounted anyway, and I do not want to damage my relationship for nothing.

What do you think?


Thank you,

Nick Smith


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Key to it is dont give too much personal opinions rather give objective ones backed up by facts and results of the interview and the hiring process. But you've done well sir!