I have a question about feedback with my remote directs that is holding me back from rolling it out properly. A lot of what is said about feedback is that it 'shouldn't be a big deal'. I communicate throughout the day with my directs via desktop IMing & email, very informally.We have very open and ongoing conversation through IMs, either individually or in groups. If something comes up that is more involved we pick up the phone. In terms of phone/voice contact, I have weekly one on ones with them and we have a team call once a week. Plus occasional phone calls scheduled ahead of times for specific meetings or issues.

In the feedback model, it's emphasized to not give feedback by email (I don't know if IMs are specifically addressed). If I make every piece of feedback a phone call, I feel that it will make it sound like 'a big issue' to my directs since it's out of the norm in terms of how we communicate, and it will break the 'it's quick, it's not a big deal' assumption. I also feel that I won't give as much as I would if I did it in our IM conversations. An alternative is that I could hang on to it for our one on ones. I'm not sure what's the best way to handlevthis. Any advice? Thanks.


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I would suggest just calling them with feedback in the moment. Start with only positive feedback as recommended for a period of time; they will get used to you calling with feedback and who doesn't enjoy a positive comment on their behavior? That will get you past the "Oh! A phone call! Must be a big deal!" phase.

Then after a time, start to incorporate the negative feedback as well. There is guidance about the positive-only time period in the casts on rolling out feedback...3 months maybe? Could be mistaken on that, but it's a long time.


Good luck with it!

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I agree with calling or doing a Google Meet, Skype, Zoom whatever to give the actual feedback.  I just wanted to understand if there was any guidance on the initial question.

For example, I have found asking in IM  (Hey can I give you some feedback?)  then if they say yes, I IM back ("calling') or the link to the "Meet".  Then I give them the feedback "in person".  Is there a better tactical approach? or is this good enough?