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It must, as I'm not getting interviews. I listened to the podcasts on resume writing and I've gotten a rough draft together. It's still a page and a quarter long in MS Word as well.  Any pointers on what I've missed or can improve upon would be much appreciated. Not sure how to attach it as a file, so here's the copy/pasted version. I've redacted some information so as to avoid issues with my current employer.


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Operations Manager - Company 1 - City, State - month, year to Present
Responsible for leading and managing the operations team of 35 drivers, 3 supervisors, and a dispatcher across 2 locations. Responsible for all assets of the daily business execution including proper asset utilization, employee retention, profit and loss, safety, and quality of service. Re- sponsible for managing inventories including allocations from multiple vendors, and selecting the appropriate supplier for purchase to maximize profit. Work closely with multiple department heads and personnel to ensure profitable, safe, effective execution of service agreements. Coor- dinated training and orientation of new drivers, and developed and implemented training pro- grams required to prepare them for safe and effective performance. Worked with clients to re- solve service issues and ensure retention of continuous annuity streams.
• Increased volume by 30% and margin by 35%, while increasing miles driven by 20%, while simultaneously reducing R&M by 12%, resulting in a 37% overall increase to operating income. • Improved employee productivity by 17%, and other KPIs by up to 40%, which contributed to increased margins on existing accounts and reduced customer turnover.
• Maintained a customer retention rate of 98% or higher.
• Launched a new business line which added a 5% increase to overall volume year one, and 10% year two.
• Reduced employee turnover from 200% to 40%.

DOT Coordinator - Company 2 - CITY,STATE - Jan 2015 to month,year
Responsible for DOT compliance of the XXXX Region which included 200 employees and over 350 rolling assets throughout (state) and (starts). Review driver daily logs for corrections/viola- tions. Maintain compliance in accordance with state and federal Hours of Service (HOS) regula- tions. Maintained driver qualification files to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. Coordinated with field safety personnel and assisted with post-accident investigations. Main- tained DVIR records and coordinated repairs and documentation as required by regulations. Accomplishments:
• Increased DOT compliance of drivers from 35% to maintaining a compliance of over 95% in my region.
• Develop and implement a training program for unlicensed drivers.
• Supervised installation, and trained district personnel on use of electronic logging systems.

Driver Supervisor - Company 2 - City, State - Oct 2013 to Dec 2015
 Ground level program to set up and manage a central dispatch program for all departments. Monitored team of 20 logistics drivers and dispatchers including DOT compliance, training, and scheduling. Permit all loads requiring special permits according to TXDOT and FMCSA regula- tions.
• Centralized dispatching and logistics for 4 departments within the terminal.
• Designed and implemented a tracking system for over 200 pieces of equipment across all departments running 24/7 operations.
• Reduced mileage driven across Texas region by 30%

Project Manager/Assistant Detachment Commander
U.S. Army Reserves - San Antonio, TX - July 2002 to November 2015
Managed all "preparation phase" projects and some final phase projects including a variety of earth-moving and demolition projects. Coordinated with installation contracting offices and higher headquarters representatives to ensure efficient productivity. Monitor daily preventive maintenance, performed safety analysis, and gave briefings. Responsible for training and educat- ing subordinates on technical skills and jobsite standards and procedures. Managed and super- vised 6 projects to completion, on budget and on schedule, as well as day-to-day supervisory tasks. Managed training planning and execution. Managed $30 million dollar equipment invento- ry. Set uniform standards for subordinates including needed safety equipment, and setting sched- uling/reporting times. Assume other miscellaneous responsibilities including drug and alcohol testing, quarterly and annual briefings, and Safety NCO. Ensured that training plans were im- plemented and executed in accordance with regulations.





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why do you think its only the cv that'snot getting your the job?

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It would help to know what sort of position you want.  There may be people on the forum working in that field who can give you specific pointers.

At first blush I'd knock out a couple of the "Responsible for"s.  Maybe substitute "In charge of", "Oversaw", "Supervised", "Organized", etc.  

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Looking for an operations manager role in the DFW area. I have a strong Transportation background.


to answer the question of the resume being the only thing stopping me, I figure it's that or not having a 4-year degree. Frankly I feel my numbers and results speak for themselves. I have the experience requirements for all the jobs I've applied for.


i did have an opportunity to speak to Wendii, she gave me some solid advice on networking and I'm pursuing that.


please forgive any mis-spellings, working from my mobile at the moment.

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Sorry, that was very rude of me. Thank you both for responding!

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hello was your cv? are you hired now? wishing you all the best!


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Try looking up online. There are also templates you can use to make it more appealing.

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You may have already done these things...I copy and pasted the above info into a word doc. Then I changed the font to Size 10. It all fit onto one page. And I changed the font style to Times New Roman. If you redacted alot of stuff then maybe it's still two pages...that said, if I change the margins to Narrow then there is space for 13 or 14 more lines of text. 

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I just noticed the original post is from back in November. So, this may be a moot point. I think MT guidance (without reading the content in detail) is to keep it to 5 sentences maximum for the Responsibilities. So, maybe edit those down. And the last job/role doesn't appear to have things broken into responsibilities and accopmlishments.

Hope you already found a new role!! If not, perhaps my edits/suggestions are helpful. Good luck!

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Thank you both for responding!



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Well, I missed a couple notices on here, but I did find a new role despite COVID. Thanks for all the input!