Hi everyone,

I'm Teodor from Bulgaria

I've been a manager for around 3 and half years now, and a manager of managers for the past year. I work for an international business intelligence company from our office in Sofia, Bulgaria. I used to manager 15 directs, now I manage two managers with 15 people in total under me. 

I heard of Manager Tools around 6 months into my management career from a Bulgarian podcast and it has been a game changer. Now that I lead other managers, I have weekly 90 minute sessions with them, where we discuss management in general and we cover different MT podcasts. This has worked great for my directs, when I compare them to other managers who were promoted at the same time as they were. 

Thank you for MT, it really is a game changer!

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Hello Teodor! Welcome to Manager-Tools. I am just a regular member too and glad to see newbie like you in the forum. I have a couple of friends from Bulgaria and I miss visiting your country. One day, when this pandemic is over and it is safe to travel, I will be going to your beautiful country again. Stay safe.

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Great, feel free to PM me, we can meet up in Sofia.