Hello, first time, long time. I have a specific time sensitive question and appreciate any help.


  • I have accepted a new role at a different company (offer has been formally accepted by both sides)
  • Final step is a background check (I have nothing to worry about although these things always make me a little nervous)
  • As per the Manager Tools podcast I am preparing the suggested transition material (key project updates, performance reviews, etc.)
  • The background process was started on 1/11, the hiring HR contact mentioned it usually takes 2 weeks putting the closure at 1/25
  • My current company has a FY planning session on 1/22-1/23
  • My boss is based in Germany but will be at the planning event providing a rare face to face opportunity
  • I have worked at this firm for 15+ years and want to leave on good terms

Question - Should I tell my boss that I am close to finalizing a move to a new company?

Call it a pre-resignation, my fear is that I wait for background check and go to the planning meetings only to resign a day or two after. The look is bad, organize the entire portfolio and then say "About those projects with my name...."

The personal risk although small is that the background check gets sticky (again zero chance of this happening).


Thank you

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So, what ended up happening?

Not that you need the advice now, but I'd go to the planning session and not tell a soul until contingencies are removed. You still work for that employer! I've had background checks take three weeks, and the start date wasn't determined until that time. 

I'm currently starting transition files myself on my projects (no directs). I'm at the last stage of three different interview processes; an offer is the next step to the person selected with each. No more interviews.