Anyone interested in getting a Boston meetup going?

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Been more than a year since this was posted but it'd be great if other Boston-area MT fans wanted to get together.

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Ditto. Now there are at least three of us here!

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I know MT is coming back to Boston in a few weeks. Perhaps we could get Sarah to mention to locals that there's interest in an MT meetup.

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I'm new here - has there been any traction on a meetup?

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Hi members, let's get a meetup in Boston on the agenda. Happy to initiate if we have a few people to join.

give me a ping / email on [email protected] and we get it going.

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Just found this. I'm an ardent MT devotee myself. Would love to have a meetup in Boston. I'm in Acton, so if others are near that area, we may not need to trek all the way to Boston.

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I'm on the North Shore but work in Boston.