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I’m exploring Slack as I’ve never used it but recently learned Microsoft Teams is free included with our Office 365 subscription. Which is better?


I’m a director of 8 supervisors and managers over three departments. I use email heavily for communication and sharing documents but I’m wondering if there are pros to using one of these other apps instead? I can create multiple groups and have team chats going. Is that right? 


What do do you use?


Thanks all! 


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We use both.

Slack offers a free tier which is adequate for a large portion of teams and projects. For projects where the PI insists on Slack, we use Slack. MS Teams provides a very relaxed license, but since we have many enterprise-level licenses with Microsoft, as I manager I (nonnegotiably) steer our teams’ to Teams.

Both are fine, mature and full-featured. People have strong opinions on both. I prefer to let which license is the best fit for long-term usage. For us, that is MS Teams.

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As for me, there is nothing better than Slack in corporate communication. A very convenient program with great potential for adaptation by itself.

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I used to use Slack at a previous company, and I miss it dearly. It feels like Teams was built 'in response' to Slack, rather than trying to make a great product. And they seemed to try and "throw everything at it" or "have it do everything" in a way that I think makes for a very noisy, clunkly experience. 

I don't have a specific feature list to share pros and cons, except to experess overall that Slack feels more elegant and less disruptive to my day. In addition, their intergrations with other services are not only greater in number, but are also greater in quality. Applications like Jira and Zendesk integrate with Slack in a much more friendly way than Teams. 

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I prefer Asana due to its integration with G-Suite.  Have you had a chance to review this product?