Recently, my director asked if I would provide feedback to one of my directs regarding an email message this direct composed and sent to a distribution list that included a senior vice president.  This message was sent to inform the group that after much time and anticipation, an issue was finally resolved regarding allowing print traffic through from one of our data centers to a call center.  It is as follows:  (names have been removed to protect the innocent)


The issues from last week were self inflicted (somehow I broke the FW rules during the course of the various changes over the past 10 weeks or so).  Telnet from the print server to the printer appears to be working which indicates that the printers are seeing the request from the servers and replying back on the correct path.  A big thanks to <engineer_a> and <engineer_b> for double checking my work and resolving the final issues.
I am puzzled by my director's response to me as follows: (again, names removed)
You need to coach <my_direct> regarding "perceived messages". <SVP> doesn't understand the challenges in detail; and this message appears like <my_direct> is disorderly.  
Your thoughts on what he meant by 'disorderly' would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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I'd just flat out ask your director what he means by "disorderly".  My guess is that he means the email may convey the idea that the error was caused by your direct's lack of organization ("somehow I broke..." implies that you don't know how the rules were broken, or why that may have caused the issue; "double checking my work..." may imply that they feel that their work needs to be doubled check regularly or chaos will ensue).

Ultimately though, I'm guess (and it sounds like you'd be guessing, too) what is meant by "disorderly" so ask for clarification.

Good luck!

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i think what he meant is for your direct report to be less technical in his messages.