I am currently and unexpectedly about 2 months into a job search.  I am struggling with a couple fo things but the biggest of which is how to address the convoluted structure at my last company.  I was at an engineering company where people may have what amounted to three titles; an engineering title (Packaging Engineer, Automation Engineer, Validation Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Engineering Subject Matter Expert); a business title (Account Manager, Business Unit Leader, Business Unit Manager, Director of Operations, Vice President of Operations); and roles at client companies (similar to the engineering titles but aligned to the client/project needs.I was at the company for nearly 13 years.  My engineering role changed three times, my business role changed two or three times, and I switched clients three times.

Because of this I have experience and achievements that do not line up well because of role changes at odd times.

For instance I was supporting my last client for the last four+ years.  During that time I ran three major multiyear capital projects for the client.  My engineering title was the same for the entire four + years (mostly - they added a second engineering title my last three months) but my business title changed twice and the company went through a renaming/restructuring.

Right now I represent that as four separate lines on my resume (see headlines only below), minor differences in resposibilities, and with the same projects (although independent accomplishments per project) on all four.  I am getting feedback from recruiters that this is causing confusion.  Any suggestions.

April 2018 to November 2018: Engineering SME / Project Manager, Kansas Account, Clarke Solutions

July 2016 to April 2018: Account Manager/Project Manager, Kansas Account, Clarke Solutions (Formerly Clarke Engineering Services)

April 2016 to July 2016: Account Manager/Project Manager, Kansas Account, Clarke Engineering Services

July 2014 to April 2016: Project Manager, Chicago Business Unit, Clarke Engineering Services

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Have you considered focusing on only the major role changes as your job titles, and underneath them adding your significant accomplishments and responsibilities? That way it’s only 2 or 3 job roles, with plenty of examples?