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How would you identify an effective manager/people leader in your organization? Do you have ideas for me considering mine? Please include solutions than can be objectively reported like what I provided below in a bullet-list, not traits like "caring, knowing your people, removing obstacles, etc.".

I am a Plant HR manager supporting ~70 people who are in roles the plant calls "people leader" roles. I have ~10 department managers, ~20 line leaders, and ~40 shift leaders. Only the 10 dept managers can manage salary and performance ratings. Employees are "led" by line leaders and shift leaders, so the term "people leader" is used to encompass those who still need manager skills but aren't technically managers. That org design element will not change, so my goal is to identify the effective ones in any leadership role so I can reward them and spread their best practices.

Here are the proxies I'm looking for currently:

  • you're meeting expectations
  • your team's results are improving vs prev month or are steady above some target (“results” can be run rate, stops, survey scores, or any metrics that are formally identified as your team's job duty)
  • your people’s raises are being submitted on-time
  • at least one employee of yours has been promoted this year
  • an employe has completed a performance improvement plan with your guidance
  • any promoted employees are meeting expectations after 30 days at next level (to show you prepared them well)
  • you're retaining talent at or above target (retention target to be determined by your line/module/etc)

Thanks for any guidance you have!



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Hi David,

there are two major KPIs for managers:

- results

- retention

Depending on the services your organization deliver to customers, identify the results you could measure.

Retention numbers are on your desk I guess.





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Right out of Mark's book or many of the 'basic's' podcast.

Good managers do four things well.

  1. Know their people
  2. Constantly talk about performance
  3. Push work down
  4. Ask for more


Results and Retention tend to follow when a manager is doing the above four things.  

I would start with these.  They are easily tracked via. Roadmap or other means.  


Good luck!