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BLUF: I asked for too little when the recruiter asked my salary requirements during the screening interview.
I recently had a quick screening with the internal recruiter for a role I posted for. When she asked me my salary requirements, I gave the precursory number I saw on glassdoor. After some research and speaking with a colleague I have realized I shorted myself by at least 15k. How do I come back from this?
I have my interview with the hiring manager this afternoon. I know better than to bring up salary, and if asked I can and will amend. But if it doesn't come up, how and when do I correct this? I know better than to bring up salary during the interview process, so not sure what to do. (Just to let you know I reread the show notes to: Salary Questions podcast- and does not answer this questions specifically.) Thanks.
Any advice is appreciated!

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That salary question is always a tough one, but remember as Mark and Mike say "Until you have an offer you've got nothing".

Once you have an offer you can first assess the compensation. Maybe it won't be as bad as you think. They likely have a range to keep within. However, if you feel it's low you could say something along the lines of what you explained above. "After doing more research and better understanding the role I feel a more appropriate compensation is $xxxx."

Hope that helps. Good luck with the interviews.