Long term listener here and I would like some advice.

I manage a not for profit organisation and have been in my role for just over 2 years. It’s been a very bumpy ride – managing problems inside and outside of the organisation.  Long term low performance culture and team members very reluctant to change. I have fired some of the team members and recruited new people who are performing better.

Most recently a long term member of staff (team leader) hired a new starter who I later found out has a personal relationship with the team leader. The new hire is not working out. The job is very specialist and I had another organisation review some files to check consistency internally. The quality is unacceptably low (despite support from the team leader) and I will have to fire him. Plus we had an external complaint about this person’s service in the community.  My team lead has reported to me positive feedback about this person and this is not the substantial evidence I have in front of me via the independent reviewer or from the complaint.

Personally,   I’m feeling at an all time low. I feel I’ve failed as a manager and want to leave my job because I feel exhausted, upset and de-motivated.   I’m considering talking through my feelings with my boss (who is a volunteer Board member) because I simply feel I cannot carry on in this role. Should I talk to my boss about this?


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I am sorry to hear your difficulty.

Managing can be very difficult and draining.
I've been there and had a few days of sharing tears with my wife over employees that I had trouble managing, and even at the desk of an HR rep (I do not recommend that)

I would suggest that you are careful with how whiny you sound to your boss.

There is nothing wrong with going over your difficulties, and even showing a little vulnerability, but you don't want to sound incompetent or defeatist.

Asking for input and advice form your Boss is good. 

But, if s/he offers  "Do you want me to do it ?"  the answer is "NO! Thank You --- I appreciate your advice and support, but you put your confidence in me as this person's manager, it is my role to take care of it."

Remember your Boss hired you into that position and showed confidence in you, by doing so.

If you fail, it reflects poorly on the Boss and his/her decision.   You don't really know how s/he will react.



*** I would recommend that you listen to 

*** The Corky Story.

It sounds similar to what you are going through



Good Luck to you

Feel Free to PM - me if you wish