Hi all, I'm new to Manager Tools. I'm also new to management. I have a feeling the tools on this site may be my life blood.

I have a direct that I'd like to work toward a team lead position in one of my groups. Very dependable, seasoned employee who works very hard and does a thorough job over all. Before I can consider him for that role, we need find out if he is able to polish his soft skills. When frustrated, he will begin to communicate with coworkers and customers in a toxic manner. His ability to restrain himself in both e-mail ettiquete and phone ettiquete goes out the window. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on good soft-skill seminars or webinars?

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Hi asusag,

There is plenty of good advice right here on this MT site.

I would suggest that the first step is for him to understand his own DISC profile, then listen to the Downfall of a High X podcast.  Where X is his diminant DISC preference.  It will really help him to understand why it is that he is getting frustrated and why other people seem frustrating to him.

Then there are several podcasts on how to disagree in public.  How to receive feeedback would be another great podcast for him.

This is just for starters.  There is so much more here that can help him.

Hope that helps a bit

Best regards


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I would highly recommend the PodCasts mentioned above.

And I would also recommend that you model your behavior and also give firm but gentle feedback about his behavior.

But, look toward the long goal.

He may not improve quickly.  He may backslide.

You must give him the grace to improve himself.

You should state and re-state and reinforce and remind him of the soft-skills behaiors that you would like see.

Stay positive with it.

"Bob, I know that you were probably frustrated, but please remember that biting sarcasm is not effective communication over email. I know you can communicate better than that."

or by Feedback Model

"Bob, Can I give you some feedback ?  - When you use sarcasm (curse words) over email it looks like you are angry and doesn't put our organization in the best light.  Can you please do that differently ?" 

Eventually he will get it.  - Or at least start behaving that way.

If you do goal setting in your org, I would recommend crafting goals that are related to the soft-skills.

Such as :

Attend one Seminar/Training before next Appraisal 

Listen to an M-T Career Tools Podcast before the end of the Month. 

Have zero complaints from customers for a week

Have zero curse words in emails or on phone for a week.


Good Luck.




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Thank You to the both of you!

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I agree with pucciot and Kevin1. This is NOT a case for a seminar or webinar. IMHO seminars and webinars are for learning new skills NOT for changing behavior. If you want a change in behavior, go for FEEDBACK. There is plenty of good material here.