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I really found the two podcasts on "Behaviors to Improve Focus" valuable.  I suspect for most of us our business/professional worlds are "crazy busy."  The guidance offered in these podcasts are so practical and straightforward, and application can make all the different in the world.

I am also a fan of the book The ONE Thing  by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.  I read it several years ago, became a fan, and  applied many of the suggestions (e.g., using the 66 Day Challenge).  Last Spring I was invited to join their "Founding Members Club" and after that joined their "Living Your One Thing" (LYOT) Community.  Their website ( includes a lot of free resources and podcasts, and  (purely FYI) I think if one subscribes to their podcasts, take a screenshot of the subscription, and send it to [email protected], a free digital copy of the book is provided (at least that was case in the past).

I just posted on the Living Your One Thing Community recommending the Manager Tools podcasts.  It seems to me that many if not most of the participants in LYOT community are self-employed and do not live in the world that those of us who are Manager Tools fans do.  Mark and Mike have "been there, done that, and have the t-shirt" to prove that behaviors presented in podcasts work in the business world AND can work in personal lives as well.  Hope those on the LYOT Community get involved in Manager Tools.  

As always, thanks Mark and Mike for your great work!

Ed Nottingham

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To summarise - my current role as that of IT Services Manager, oh yeah, and I'm quite certain, although without yet having a professinonal diagnosis, that I have Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD for short. I really liked the casts about focus - because I suck at Focus. Early on in the casts it talks about knowing your deliverables and results and I've seen (heard) those mentioned in other casts. I think I understand the difference between a deliverable and a result but I'd really like to have these things defined for me. I can't find definitons for them in the Manager Tools book.

Any help would be much appreciated.