Does work experience in small Tech startup count towards 'real' experience?

My contract is about to expire. I want to switch to a job more aligned to my Tech start-up.

I am am singlehandedly bootstrapping my startup in the basement (consumer electronics product). No glamorous business angels funding.
My job as contractor is IT Functional Support handling support issues, resolving XML processes, deployments, functional testing etc etc in a SCRUM team.

In the basement..
* I'm a Lean Startup designing, building, prototyping and testing on consumers.
* I'm using SCRUM sprints of 4 weeks.
* Blogging about progress, making howto vids on youtube.
* My prototypes are partly made in China, then assembled at home and tested.
* I'm developing the frontend app.
* I'm using offshored devs from sites as

The product is at least 6 months away from being sellable-user-friendly. Though, my testgroup asked to buy.. even in its current Alfa-state.

Above things are NOTHING related to my professional career. I'd like to temp job more aligned to my real job. Such as.. SCRUM Master job at a internet marketing company.

1. Will you hire me?
2. At the moment i list "in the basement" as a hobby, down below in my CV. Does it count?
3. I'm applying fir SCRUM Master. Will you hire me? If not, why not?
4.Any other tips, or doubts?


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As a reference, I would say to not have a section for hobbies at all. It doesn't contribute to the end result of a resume which is to help you get an interview. 

Regarding this small business venture, I think you could put it on if it relates to the job you are applying for. I recently started a new position, and I put my past business ventures on my resume. I was able to make it apply to my current position because, like your project, I was working on developing a new product. I was able to show on my resume that I was developing this product as a way to have a creative solution to a complex problem. 

Now there are a couple of recommendations with this. Only have it if it applies to your potential position. If you are applying for an executive position, do not include it even if it applies to your potential position (you don't want to suggest that your full attention is split). 

As for your question. Will I hire you? My goal as a hiring manager is to verify that you can meet the needs of this position. Without knowing the needs of the position, and without knowing your full background, I don't have enough info to make that decision. 

You may want to listen to the resume casts. If you have the budget, I would purchase the Interview Series. It has helped me get several offers before, and it goes over how to draw up your resume in detail. 

Good luck!