I have been in sales for almost 25 years in various positions from the early days as an account executive to VP of Sales since 2009. About 2 years ago, I started my own aerial photography business to follow MY passion after years of working for someone else. Since the timing of my new business venture falls right in the middle of my sales role and my current VP of Sales role, how would you show it on things like LinkedIn? I added it as a new position but it literally looks like I left my current company, started this business and came back to my current company. On my resume I just put it as another experience section but at the end of my resume. I hate that something so entrepreneurial is dead last BUT I don't want it to get in the way should I start to pursue other roles as my small business grows. Advice?

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Any comments here?

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You can have multiple jobs on LinkedIn. I've done it before with side businesses. 

Now, before you add it to your resume and LinkedIn, I'd make sure that you have a purpose behind it. Are you hoping to get leads for your photography business by adding it to LinkedIn? Or will it somehow enhance your VP of Sales career? I would recommend that you create a separate LinkedIn page for your photography business if people look on LinkedIn so that you can still hopefully get additional leads from LinkedIn. Then I wouldn't list is on your personal profile. 

Regarding your resume, I would leave it off unless it is relevant to the position you're applying for. Maybe if you're trying to show that you can sell your service or something? I have put side businesses on my resume before, but I'm still quite young and an individual contributor. I did that to show that I try to work even in my off hours. In your situation where you are a more experienced professional (I'm assuming as you're a VP), I wouldn't imagine it being helpful for you to list it for your next job opportunity. 

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply, I never got a notification that there even was one.  The reason I even asked is that about 25% of the new roles that I am going for are with companies like AT&T and Intel where they have an internal, almost incubator, drone segments and my background is business/sales combined with passion for the UAV space makes for a very unique fit (and something I would LOVE to do).  The other 75% of the roles I am seeking having nothing to do with drones but are still technology focused in the telematics, M2M, IoT and mobility spaces.

Another reason I wanted to figure out how to get it on my profile (and resume) was to show some entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Despite the drone piece maybe not having anything to do with a role I seek, drones are being talked about in lots of circles and I just thought it may be helpful.

Ideally, it would be nice to list it somewhere not as a position itself but I havent found a place to do that.


Thanks again!