Hi, I've searched the forums but I haven't come across how to decline a gift professionally? I'm an account manager and one of my supplier's sent me a luxury accessory item as a thank you / holiday present. This goes against my company's policy; I can donate the item to someone less fortunate but I can't keep it. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can let the supplier know that I appreciate their thoughtfulness but in the future, I can't accept something so extravagant? should I tell them that I'm donating it and if so how do I say that without sounding rude?

Thank you!

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I think you already got the right words.


I appreciate your thoughtfulness and value our business realtionship very much.

Unfortunately,  I can't accept gifts above ___XYZ___ value - as per our company policy.

Fortunately, our policy does allow me to donate any gifts I receive to charity.

Therefore, I hope that you are happy with my donating it to  ____xyz ____ charity, where your gift will be doubly appreciated and useful. "



Good Luck




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Thank you TJPuccio!  I appreciate your wording!