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Need a little input from the community with this direct report.

BLUF: My DR has a combination of "above expectations" and "below expectations" performance on the balance of the year, how do you approach the corporate year end rating?

This DR has done a great job with some aspects of his role and I've given him positive feedback over the course of the past 4 months (he's new to me and I followed the MT guidance of O3's only, then positive feedback, then negative feedback).

There is one important area of this DR's responsibilities where he has consistently missed. Negative feedback has been given, full feedback model with "what can you do differently" being answered by the DR. The caveat to this is that the full model has only been used 2-3 times regarding this behavior. MT recommends a much longer duration before going to systemic feedback however our year end process is upon us and I need to put a final "above, below, at" expectations rating.

Any guidance on where to put this person would be greatly appreciated. In my mind, because of these misses, he deserved a below expectations rating however he also nailed (above expectations) several other duties. Fundamentally I see it as below expectations as not all aspects of the job were at least at expectations.

Frustrating on my part, would appreciate your input.


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This is not an easy place to be in.

Certainly MT always recommends "No surprises" at the annual appraisal.

But, this doesn't sound like it would be a complete surprise.

My question back to you is
-- Does the Annual Appraisal offer smaller categories for ratings ? Does it offer a place for comments ?

The reason I am asking is that you may not wish to surprise your DR with an overall rating based on these particularly poor performance areas without first letting him know the potential sting.

Our appraisal process in my org has several categories for ratings. One of them addresses professionalism and Team Player type stuff. I can even add a category for that if I wish.

If your system already has a category for that --- > then give your DR a poor rating on that category. And explain why.

*** It may not outweigh the overall Appraisal score, but I assure you that seeing it in writing will have your DR feel a little pinch.


If there is an area(s) for comments be sure to mention that several correction Feedbacks have been offered on the topic of teamwork and Professional relationship building.
You gotta put it somewhere in black and white, let your DR know it is written on the annual appraisal.

Let the DR know that this is not the only category of appraisal, but that it is an expected area of job performance that you do ratings on. Just like Quality, Quantity, Reliability, etc...

What I am recommending is that this year it should appear as a little _smudge_ on the appraisal.
And add a bit of a warning that next year it might become a _large black mark_.

Say it now and repeat it every week. Professionalism, teamwork, and positive relationships (the soft skills) are part of the job. And you have a high expectation about them.

Performance in this area will be discussed at the Mid-year review and Reflected on the Annual Appraisals.

Good Luck


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Thanks for the reply, great way to think about how to bring this into the review without impacting the overall final rating.