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I'm a big listener of manager's tools & actively implement their recommendations.
Specifically related to not giving feedback to management.

I've recently transitioned to a new role w/in my organization.
My manager is a new manager.
During our 1:1s my manager constantly asks for feedback on improving their management skills.
While I feel my manager seems to "naturally" I'm sure they would benefit from Manager's Tools.
To date I haven't specifically mentioned Manager's Tools as a resource nor provided feedback based on the recommendation from Manager's Tools.
My manager consistently mentions they are new to management and wants to hear how to be a good manager.

Can the value of Manager's Tools be passed on as a resource without it being a form of providing feedback to your manager?

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Yeah - Since she asked ----   Sure. M-T and books -- Why not ?

Only because she has asked...

You might want to let her know that although you know that she is a nice manager, that she shouldn't always expect you or any other team member to give her complete and honest feedback.

The whole idea is rife with peril for some folks.  It might start out well - but after som time it will disort the relationship.

* And that you think the best thing you can do for her is to recommend the M-T Podcasts and a few Books to her.

Assure her that you want to be helpful, but that if you go beyond recommending good resources, like Books and PodCasts, to her, that it would make you feel a little uncomfortable.

That your job is to suport her efforts and carry her water.

Let, her know that you will be as honest as possible in evaluating her ideas or brainstorming for projects and the like...

But, not commenting on her managerial style or the way she handles her manager duties.

Good Luck


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Hi Tabitha

I would agree with TJPuccio. Since your manager has asked you for feedback they sounds like they would be open to something like Manager's Tools. And since you've had so much value from it, why not share it with them?

If your manager is actively asking for feedback and seems open to hear your views, I would share my experience of their management style and the impact it has on me as their direct report. But I would do this in a way that is appreciative and constructive and is focused on building our relationship and trust.

I know that's different from what others might advise so ultimately you need to do what feels right to you in this situation.

Let us know how it goes!


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Thanks, really appreciate the responses.